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Watch this video to discover the best way to improve the conversions you are getting from your current website.

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It sounds like you have been spending ( maybe even wasting ) a lot of time on your content posting, trying to get your business seen. You are likely fed up with how slow things are going and the low amount of traffic that your time-consuming efforts are getting. Below we have a 3 step strategy to help you turn things around.

Step #1 – Identify who your best customer is and why your product appeals to them. What solution do you offer? Really identify the benefits of your product to this individual.

Step #2 – Create a page on your website that speaks directly to this person, who they are, and what they are struggling with. Outline the benefits of your product using written copy that is enjoyable to read,  infographics, and photos. If you have testimonials include those. Make sure that there is a way for them to buy from this page, and that it links to your checkout – or reach out to you by collecting their contact details.

Step #4 – Make a single under-minute video that gives some of the information, including the benefits that you describe on the sales page, and put it up on your social media profile. This is going to be your ad.

Step #5 – Login into your social media ads dashboard and create a custom audience, targeting the person whom you had in mind when creating this sales page and video. Build a custom target audience and promote for traffic this video with a link to this sales page.

Step #6 – Allow this to run every day for $2 a day minimum for at least 7 days. After a week, create and start a second ad promoting running to people who spent the most time on the sales page. Keep both of these ads running for at least 60 days.

While you are doing this:

You do not need to post a lot on your social media just let the promoted video drive the traffic

Also, Make Sure That

✔️ Your payment processing works ( you can actually take people’s money ) 

✔️ Your data Pixel is installed, so that you can run remarketing

✔️ You do not stop the ads unless they are not getting any clicks at all, you want to let people populate your website and read your sales copy

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