YOUR RESULT: It is time To Begin Re-Marketing To Your Most Engaged Visitors

Watch this video to discover the best way to improve the conversions you are getting from your current website.

READ THIS If you are successfully getting people to visit your website but are not selling.

If you are seeing a lot of traffic and repeat visitors to your website but do not have the sales coming in then something needs to change, like tomorrow. What you are likely experiencing is the consequence of not strategically capturing your visitors as leads AND failing to re-market to the most engaged people who are visiting your website. Don’t worry though below we are going to tell you exactly how to do both of these things at the same time.

To Capture Traffic As Leads Do This:

Step #1 – Create a special offering for people who are visiting your website and who would like to learn more. This offering can either be a discount code on a first-time purchase that they can claim OR a free information product like an informative video, an e-book, or a training course. If you decide to go with the information product make sure that is provides them with valuable information that they cannot access anywhere else on your website.

Step #2 – Create an opt-in embed form where the person must put in their name and email in order to submit the form and access the promised payoff behind it. ( Either the discount offer OR your information product ) This form should then automatically direct them after they submit it AND add them to your marketing contact list at the same time.

You may even want to have a notification system set up to inform you via email when this form is submitted so you can follow up with the leads right away.

Step #3 – Embed this form into various pages on your website so that people who spend time on your website can interact with it.

Step #4 – When someone submits your opt-in form, either send them a personalized message or set up an automated greeting that introduces yourself and what your business offers. Once you have several contacts on the email list that you are building begin to send them emails regularly to stay top of mind. 

To Remarket To Your Most Engaged Visitors Do This:

The people visiting your website are really telling you how interested they are in their behavior. If you have a good amount of website traffic but not as many sales as you would like, you are going to want to try to improve this by introducing a strategic remarketing campaign.

Step #1 – Create a few creative ads that feature your business and explain the features and benefits, as well as remind them about the discount or offer that you created for them to opt-in to get access to.

Step #2 – Install these creative ads as a dynamic campaign, where all of the creative variations will go to one specific audience that you are targeting. Here is what you want this audience criteria to be.

Website Visit Time 25% Highest Time Spent Or/And All Leads, or Initiated Checkout

Exclude: Purchases Last 180 Days

This is how you run an ad for people who spent a lot of time on your website but did not purchase. This ad campaign acts as a back catcher and is shown to the people who had the highest likelihood of converting. The goal of this ad is to bring them back and convince them to checkout.

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