These Are The 3 Best Proven Online Advertising Techniques

If you have a business that you are trying to grow using a limited advertising budget then listen up. Below we reveal the 3 best online advertising techniques that we love to share.

#1. Customer Growth Using Strategic Content Promoting To The Right Audience

Simply posting on your business social media profile is not enough to grow your business. Rather, what you want to do is create quality story-telling content and then put some money behind it, promoting it to the correct target demographic. This is how you build awareness for your brand.
When you do not put money behind your content you are essentially allowing the tree to fall in the woods. If you’re struggling to get your business discovered online, try promoting one of your social media posts to a targeted audience. Even a small amount spent on ads each day can make a big difference in how much-interested traffic you are getting.

#2. Investing In Ads Long Enough for Them To Learn

You know how nobody likes a friend who only shows up when they need something from you? Advertising online is very much the same. As much as you may try to make a great first impression, most people do not purchase the first time that they find out about a brand. This is why one of the best strategies that you can have is to let your campaigns run long enough to do the deed.

A common rookie mistake is to turn the ads on full force, and then panic at the money going out and shut them off within a few days when you don’t see immediate returns. You really do not want to do this.

Ads have a learning process and need some time to find the right people.
People also need time to warm up to you and be convinced to buy. It is

important that ads be layered with different objectives such as awareness, lead capture, and conversion. Failing to layer your ads, spending everything you have all at once, and shutting things off too soon are all a recipe for disaster. 

#3. Capture and THEN Convert

Did you know that even the most successful websites only have a 2% conversion rate? If you are able to successfully drive 100 relevant hits to your website, if you are lucky 2 might buy.

 If your offer is brand new to all 100 of those people then chances of ANY of those people buying is much less. Here is why; conversion rate averages include returning traffic, not just first-time visits. So even if you can optimistically hope that 2/100 will buy from you based on statistical optimism, the conversion rate of first-time website visitors is below 0% in almost all cases. Therefore no – you should not expect anyone to buy when they hit your site for the very first time. If they do buy on a first-time visit, you must be doing everything right AND getting lucky.

But why count on that type of hope and optimism when you could instead set yourself up for success by implementing a lead capture sequence?

Lead capture is a technique of grabbing the contact details ( name, email, and phone number ) of the people who visit your website and are most intrigued by your presentation. Rather than having them bounce off, never to be heard from again, grab their information and follow up with persistent communication.

Offering a simple and affordable product. You can win customers by staying top of mind by hitting them in their inbox with email marketing.

If your product is higher cost and more personalized, capturing visitors as leads and then personally following up with a sales conversation is the key to getting them to buy from you.

As your business website traffic grows so should your lead list! Don’t sleep on capturing the people who you are driving to your website as leads. Make sure you have remarketing leads to your captured contacts to bring the most interested people back to your website.

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