YOUR RESULT: You Need To Start Strategizing Your Ad Campaigns

Watch this video to discover the best way to improve the conversions you are getting from your current website.

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If you are a lucky one who had frequent website traffic and conversions coming in but feel like you are spending too much on your ads then listen up. We’re about to share with you the best way to decrease your ad campaign costs and increase your sales.

Below Are A Few Suggestions That Will Improve Your Outcome

Suggestion #1Run Traffic and Conversion Ads Together If you are only running conversion-optimized ads, then you are likely seeing a very high cost per sale. Try creating some click-enticing, fun, and creative ads that will appeal to your most likely customers and running them for website traffic to a sales copy page on your website where your offer is presented. Switch your conversion ad campaigns to target people who engage with the traffic ads and spend the most time on your website. Ideally, your traffic ads will garner you low-cost relevant hits, and your conversion ads will act as the back catcher, selling to the most interested ones.

Suggestion #2 – Increase the Value of Your Offer To Better Suit Your Cost Per Purchase If you are making sales but what it is costing you to make that sale from paid advertising is your entire profit margin then you want to regroup on your offer. You already know there is going to be a cost to acquire the customer and since your ads are working you should have a sense of what that is. The fix here is actually easy, you need to increase your price to build in what it is costing you to make the sale. Most of the time, e-commerce business owners do not include the cost of advertising in their pricing model, so it is impossible for them to make a profit on their ads. You will need to test this out by upping the product’s price and then seeing if the ads still work for you. If the sales are stagnant, run a discount offer returning the product back to the original price. 

Suggestion #3 – Remarket More Specifically By looking at your website analytics you should be able to see what website pages have people’s attention as well as what offers they are most interested in buying. Instead of having broad targeting in your remarketing campaigns, narrow the criteria of the campaigns and match the data. How this looks is, say you have a website page that is getting organic traffic via SEO keyword searches about a specific topic, set up an ad with an offer relevant to that topic, and target that specific page traffic. This ad may not have a lot of people to be shown to so it won’t need a large budget. But give it a little bit of juice and it will be a hyper-specific ad, going to someone who visited your website and spent time there for a very specific reason.

This is just a brief overview of ideas that could help you to improve the returns you are getting from your campaigns. If you would like to speak to an experienced astronaut book a complimentary call using the form below

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